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CloudBleed, Nintendo Switch and Ryzen

06/03/2017 - News Blog

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The past month of computing has brought a massive amount of news, some good, others... not so good. Heres a recap!

Where to start is difficult. I think lets get the bad news out of the way. The digital backend for many sites, named 'cloudflare' recentley was discovered to contain a bug now aptly called, Cloudbleed. As of yet, it is still being researched as to wether anyone found a way to deliberitley use the exploit to find information. However cases of accidental 'giberish' and unwanted information was appearing on the screen of users who were trying to navigate amazon or a dating site meet-up. This seemingly random text was actually data that was previously put in that offerlowed its expected memory allocation onto the users page. Meaning it could contain anything from password key's (encrypted) to any plain information sent through. This bug is thought to have been fixed for now and we can rest easy, as long as we hope no one already has our info.

Now that that's out of the way lets move on to some lighter information. AMD the major processor manufactor has now released its latest line-up of processors! The incredibly popluar brand has called the latest flagship of theirs 'Ryzen' and claims to compete with the strongest processors on the market of Intel with a lower price range and a more efficient power consumption. Upon initial though I assumed it was AMD's usual marketing and that the processor's in real life would fail to deliver. However i was wrong. Sure they do get out performed in a number of tasks by their Intel counterpart. For the price difference they are now an incredibly irresistable package. I'll be looking out to see how their rival and long time fued with Intel pushes processors even further.

The last thing on my update for today is the release of the Nintendo switch. After years of small movements and un-satisfying results nintendo has brought forth the greatest look for the company yet in my opinion. The nintendo switch released recently has the ability to play high performance games both docked to a t.v. or handheld. Allowing the controllers to be attatched to the tablet like display and used as a big 2ds like setup. Or you can remove the control sticks from the side and use them wirelessly in hand or connected to a controller attatchment. Although few things lack from the Switch, like long battery life, ergonomics on the controller especially when portable, and a HD output that could wow on larger screens. I still love this inovative amazing console that i really think captures the best of Nintendo. Which we haven't seen in years.

Thats all for this update, anyquestions send through a message and i'd be glad to answer! look out for a new update!

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