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About the company

Where Haybreaker Computing came from

Haybreaker computing, founded in 2012 is a small computing and I.T. Solutions company focusing on I.T. Security.

Ending 2012, Haybreaker computing was founded as a way to put a name to a service provided by founder Jesse Hayward. It was a way that the name could be spread locally knowing that you'd be provided with a good small local service. As of end of 2016 Haybreaker Computing was officially launched as a business registered through the Australian Business Registar. This meant Haybreaker Computing had a way to do legal sales and serve more people throughout australia.

Since then the company has had many events and changes, from the rise of many advertisements, physical and digital, to the launch of its Kickstarter campaign. Although poorly funded the campaign provided Haybreaker Computing with a great foundation and plenty of grounds to improve its services.

Now Haybreaker Computing has the chance to use modern day technology to provide services globally, and to no longer be limited by the location of their clients. Whether providing information, training, program installation, or I.T. Security Assesment. We now have the ability to do it all remotley.